Cafe Mixail Malandrakis in Kalydonia, Crete

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Cafe Mixail Malandrakis is located in a small village of Kalydonia, Crete in distance some 25km from Chania town.

We discovered this place by accident, when, after checking out from a hotel room in Agia Marina (see: Vergina Beach Hotel Review, Agia Marina, Crete), took a rental car and decided to head in the direction towards Kissamos. it was still quite early, and we decided it would be a very good idea to have some morning coffee. 

As usual, it happens with such lovely roadsides cafeterias, at least for me, it always involves a lot of research work after, to find coordinates, names e.t.c to put this place on my World travel map. This time it involved usage of Greek transliteration (, of course, Google Translate, but what makes it special this time, I used a phone book ( to find the location of this place and finally make sure, that it probably would be best named in English - Mikhail Malandrakis Bed & Breakfast. As it took some research to get what could possibly "To Mpenteni" (το μπεντεν) means,  and just with help of Google Translate I realized it means  - beds

Now, once we are ready with the technical background, let's return to this lovely roadside cafeteria in Kalydonia.

Cafe Mixail Malandrakis in Kalydonia, Crete

Cafe Mixail Malandrakis in Kalydonia, Crete

Kind of, nothing special, just another roadside cafeteria, I agree. But, here comes real authentic Cretan cuisine and hospitality. (OK, we didn't try it here, as we were stopping here just because of coffee). Cup of frappe here? 1 EUR. And that's just 25km from Chania. Real life, real cafeteria, not especially catered for zillions of tourists.

Kind owner, I assume Mrs. Mikhail Malandrakis, speaks a little bit English, he kindly agreed to make 2 frappes for us, and for a surprise, as a complimentary gift gave us local Greek cheese (damn that was one tasty fresh cheese)

Greek Cheese

Greek Cheese

The Bottom Line

Our bill here? About 2 EUR, though I gave EUR 5 for cheese. Definitely, one of the cheapest prices I have been to lately (Ok, it was just for coffee). If you find yourself in this area, give it a try, the owner is a really nice guy, don't hesitate to ask for that special cheese.


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