Café 'Staburadze' Review in Kuldīga (Latvia)

Cafe Staburadze is located on Liepajas street in Kuldiga. Here serves a traditional Latvian cuisine (pork chops and other stuff) and ... I just love this place.

 After I had tried almost all of the Kuldīga cafe's and restaurants I have concluded that exactly cafe Staburadze is among my favorite dining places in lovely Kuldīga town. 

And here are just a few reasons you will love Staburadze as well - it's centrally located in Kuldīga (on central Liepajas street) - it has a budget friendly prices, they serve traditional Latvian cuisine here (pork chops), staff is friendly but what's important - food is just excelent.

Cafe Staburadze building in Kuldiga

Cafe Staburadze building in Kuldiga

Menu at Cafe Staburadze

Menu at Cafe Staburadze

  • Salads, snacks, pork, chicken, beef, fish and desserts. 

Seems they have covered all spectrum of food here. 

Meat balls with boiled potatoes as side dish and cabbage saldads

Meat balls with boiled potatoes as side dish and cabbage salads

Guess what? I will prepare some of this in one of my next food blog posts.

Solyanka soup

Solyanka soup

Don't miss solyanka soup once in Latvia. I will definetly add a separate blog post how to prepare this amazing soup at home.

Meat sauce

Meat sauce strogonov - yes another reason for another food blog post - how to prepare strogonov.

Chocolate/Vanilla desert in red bilberry sauce

Dessert at Cafe Staburadze.

The Bottom Line

I will be back to this place and I will order a lot of pork chops, meat balls and tasty desserts. This place knows how to cook!


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