Carpe Diem Café in San Bonifacio

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I have never kept in secret my love for the local restaurants and cafes where tourists barely step their foot in. We did find a few great local Italian restaurants during a week long trip in Italy and when we arrived to San Bonifacio (checked in at our hotel, see Best Western Soave Hotel, San Bonifacio ) we decided to explore our options and find some great restaurant nearby.

It was alright late night on January 1st - and after some 20 minute driving around San Bonifacio it seemed we wont find any place that will be opened today. Luckily we noticed this place - meet Carpe Diem Cafe in San Bonifacio.

At Carpe Diem Cafe in San Bonifacio, Italy

At Carpe Diem Cafe in San Bonifacio, Italy

A very few locals had been gathered here tonight and talked the usual stuff, locals usually do at such places.Some were looking to good looking waitress and ordered more bear so could just be in contact with her, and so on. The local cafe's rock!

We were hungry - and ordered a lot - nobody from the personnel spoke English but we understood each other by signs. 

Something superb delicious at Carpe Diem cafe

Something superb delicious at Carpe Diem cafe

They are probably called Panini's - all I can remember from Italy trip - prosciutto rules.

Visitors can enjoy their drinks at the tables located outside the caffe

Visitors can enjoy their drinks at the tables located outside the cafe

I believe this is because of a smoking ban in Italy (it' s not permitted to smoke inside) - and the here you go - even on freezing nights like this - people will go and smoke.

I photographed name of this place just after we left this cafe, just to remember and could found it latter on Google Maps and ad to my restaurant reviews

Carpe Diem cafe singboard

Carpe Diem cafe signboard

The Bottom Line

If there is a reason why I would love to return to San Bonifacio - Carpe Diem cafe is the reason for sure. Food served here was delicious, average prices (we paid around EUR 40 for a very good supper). Atmosphere is pleasant. Once in San Bonifacio, make sure you find this cafe, and don't forget to leave me a comment, how did it go!

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