This probably will be a long photo article, with few comments on each of the photo.

It was my first time visiting Spain, and stop of Girona came just right after we landed in Barcelona, rented a nice Renault Megane car from Fire Fly company. During this trip I only started to recognize what is Catalonia - not any more an abstract term for me - it's real place with real folks and attractions there. 

So here are few shots from Girona, Cathedral of Girona and Jewish Quarter (probably last two are main attractions of Girona)

Scooters on streets of Girona

Green Overpass

Funny Vehicle on streets of Girona

Balcony with flowers at Girona

View to Girona Cathedral

Girona street view

Girona Events desk (Actual on October 19, 2014)

Catatonia's Flag

Scenic streets of Girona

Scenic streets of Girona

Backyard of Girona's street

Scenic street of Girona

Garden close to Girona's Cathedral

Cathedral of Girona from distance

Architecture of Girona

Tried to make an art here

Exhibition hall

Streets of Girona

Medieval Streets of Girona

Informative signs for tourists

Super cool building

Cathedral of Girona

View from Cathedral of Girona

Another attempt of Art - Rooftops of Girona

View from Cathedral of Girona

Best shot so far

Inside of Cathedral of Girona

Altar of Cathedral of Girona

Backyard of Girona's Cathedral

At Girona Cathedral

At Girona Cathedral

Skyline of Girona

Me - pretending a Holy Father

Jewish museum

Jewish museum

Jewish museum

Chillin' on Medieval streets of Girona

Chillin' on Medieval streets of Girona

Wow, that was a much - 38 photos taken with my old Sony DSC camera - hope you enjoyed at least.

Now let's get back to historic facts about places I photographed above:

About Girona

Girona  is a city in the northeast of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia in Spain, at the confluence of the rivers Ter, Onyar, Galligants, and Güell and has an official population of 96,722 as of January 2011. It is the capital of the province of the same name and of the comarca of the Gironès. It is located 99 km (62 mi) northeast of Barcelona. Girona is one of the major Catalan cities.

About Girona Cathedral

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Girona, located in Girona, Catalonia, Spain. Its interior includes the widest Gothic nave in the world, with a width of 22 metres (72 ft), and the second widest overall after that of St. Peter's Basilica, just for comparison, the width of the nave of Reims is 14.65 m, Saint-Étienne de Sens, 15.25 m and 12 m, in Notre Dame de Paris. Its construction was first started in the 11th century in Romanesque style, and later continued in the 13th century in Gothic style. Of the original Romanesque edifice only the 12th century cloister and the bell tower remain. The bell tower was completed in the 18th century.

About Jewish Quarter

Located within the Força Vella, the Jewish Quarter or Call is one of the city's most emblematic areas. It consists of a labyrinth of narrow streets and patios that have maintained their medieval atmosphere. It is one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in the world and clear evidence of the importance of the Jewish culture in Girona.

What's next?

Stay connected to read about hotel we stayed in Girona and next itinerary stops in coming days.

Location & Map
Girona Spain
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