One thing I really enjoy at small Latvian towns - they offer a charm and a personal touch. And you will find a lot of from both in the town of Kuldīga located in Western Latvia.

On a lovely Wednesday morning I was doing some random photography around Kuldīga Old Town when I noticed this lovely confectionery shop 'Kukulītis' - literally meaning "a loaf" located on Liepajas street 35.

I was so impressed of it, that I went straight in, asked for permission to do a few shots, so I can share this lovely place to you:

Building in which "Kukulītis" is located in

Lovely right?

Buns and pastry at Kukulītis store

Ahh, those are pretty typical Latvian buns and pastries. I find them a bit unhealthy, but hell they are tasting also.

Latvian bread for sale at "Kukulītis" store

Simple yet effective corner to enjoy a bun and cup of coffee

Soda and water for sale at Kukulitis store

I didn't try anything here, so I cannot tell did I enjoyed or not. But I'm sure everything here is tasty, the prices seems reasonable. If you are walking around Kuldīga Old Town and are thirsty for a can of Coke - Kukulītis might be your choice. Enjoy!

Location & Map
Liepajas iela 35 LV-3301 Kuldīga Latvia
Coordinates: 56.968535 21.963990