Daigas Bakery In Kuldiga

Updated: 22 January, 2022 seen 1,112

Daigas Bakery (Daigas beķereja) is one of my favourite bakery places in Kuldiga. The reason is plain simple - pastries Daiga and her team is baking here are one of the best in whole region and I'm not afraid to say - they are among the best in Latvia.

Discovered by accident in summer of 2014, Daigas bakery have found it's way to my heart instantly. When I'm visiting town of Kuldīga - Daigas bakery is a must have. And I mean it!

Daigas Bakery in Kuldīga

Daigas Bakery in Kuldīga

Bakery is located on Liepājas street 26 in a small courtyard

Daigas Bakery Working Hours

Daigas Bakery Working Hours

Brick wall is used as interior here

Interior at Daigas bakery

Inside bakery it's a really tiny though cosy place. There are 2 tables and maximum 8 people can sit around them

Table at Daigas Bakery

Table at Daigas Bakery

Sklandurausis - a local treat in Courland

Sklandrausis - a local tucker in Courland

Although a sklandrausis is a part of traditional Latvian cuisine I first tried it just a year ago, and indeed it happened at Daigas bakery. It's filling is made from grated carrots. Here is a bit better explanation of what Sklandrausis actually is:

Sklandrausis is a traditional dish in Latvian cuisine which has a Livonian origin, but it is known by Latvians for many years. It is a sweet pie, made of rye dough and filled with potato and carrot paste and seasoned with a caraway. Read: Sklandrausis

 I'm not a huge fan of them. But if you are up for trying something authentic try a sklandrausis.

Sklandrausis, a ban and a home made pizza

Sklandrausis, a bun and a home made pizza + cup of delicious coffee :)

Daigas bakery indeed is one of my favourite places in Kuldīga, it's budget friendly, price here are a really democratic. Best of all - there is a great chance that you will be served by a real baker Daiga here. Enjoy!