Drupal module - For Embedding A SoundCloud Media Files

Updated: 20 February, 2015 seen 2,421

Recently I faced a need to embed a SoundCloud's media file on Drupal website. This request come from my mother's website, I have built previously. My mom decided to have a weekly podcast featured on her blog. After first podcast was created I decided to use SoundCloud to store all media files.

For a prelude - i didn't know about existence of SoundCloud until recently one another customer (this time not my mom, but a radio station) requested me to build a similar functionality for embedding SoundCloud's files on Drupal website) Back then I discovered a little and neat Drupal module: SoundCloud field which offers to handle all from just pasting an URL.

As of today I have created already 2 websites using this little module, and today I will demonstrate how one (perhaps you) can use the same approach I did.

Start with the pretty basics - download and install SoundCloud field module, enable it.

Now head to your content type, you would like to attach a SoundCloud Field and simply add a new field SoundCloud URL

SoundCloud Field

SoundCloud Field

Basically, that's all - you can now copy/paste URL from SoundCloud on your Drupal website, and they will automatically be created as embedded media.

You are left with two options how to display this field on your webpage, either you can leave default Display (from content type) or you can hide SoundCloud Field from Default display and create a new view, use NID argument and add this view as a block on your themes region. I prefer second option.

SoundCloud Field display on Drupal

SoundCloud Field display on Drupal

If you need any assistance on adding SoundCloud to your Drupal site, please leave a comment or contact me.