Eat For Fit - Healty Food Home Delivery in Tbilisi

Updated: 18 June, 2020 seen 1,505

Eat for fit is my favorite healthy food home delivery service here in Tbilisi.

Recently these loss-weight / dietary food delivery companies have started to pop up like mushrooms in the forest after the rain here in Tbilisi. We have tried a dietary menu from Eat for fit twice - and both times the result has been excellent. 

One thing should be added - we are the gym goers - and the great weight-loss results comes both from the physical activities and well-balanced food. Eat for Fit are great with calories counting and they cook really delicious food. There has not been a day I felt starvation. All was well calculated and prepared individually. 

We paid about GEL 32 (February 2020) for 5 meals for a day, meals were delivered using Glovo courier service every evening for the next day.

Eat for Fir packaging

Eat for Fit packaging

Each day there were 5 items, like for breakfast, dinner, snacks, and supper. For snacks, there were fruits and dietary fitness snacks.

Cottage cheese with dills

Cottage cheese with dills

When the meal plan was made - Eat For Fit asked is there some food I don't like and if there were, these foods were removed from the menu.   So no surprises here. 

Dessert from Eat for Fit

Dessert from Eat for Fit

I'm ready to order more these lovely desserts.

Dinner from Eat For Fit

Dinner from Eat For Fit


The Bottom Line

I was able to lose 4kg of body weight using a combination from both a gym and dietary from Eat For Fit. My experience with Eat for Fit -  this was like eating at a high-end restaurant 5 times per day for just GEL 32/ day

To learn more - you could check out their Facebook page.