Fix for Drupal 'Social Share Counter' module - Facebook Counter Not Working

Updated: 16 July, 2019 seen 132

I have been using Drupal's Social Share counter module for some time already. It worked great until recently it stopped and all posts were showing 0 shares.

After a quick research on the modules issue page, I found the solution: Facebook share counter not working

Facebook has changed its API recently, so the URL, which is used by the module no longer works and the share counter is always 0.

There is also a patch provided to fix this issue:

diff --git a/sites/all/modules/contrib/social_share_counter/ b/sites/all/modules/contrib/social_share_counter/
index cd85c09b4..48cf292da 100644
--- a/sites/all/modules/contrib/social_share_counter/
+++ b/sites/all/modules/contrib/social_share_counter/
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
+define('FACEBOOK_API_URL', '{engagement}&format=json');
  * @file
  * File contains functions for individual share count from all Social service.
@@ -11,10 +13,11 @@
 function get_count_facebook($url) {
   $count = 0;
-  $response = _social_share_counter_parse("" . $url);
+  $url = str_replace('%', $url, FACEBOOK_API_URL);
+  $response = _social_share_counter_parse($url);
   $result = json_decode($response);
-  if (isset($result->share)) {
-    $count = formatNumberAbbreviation($result->share->share_count);
+  if (isset($result->og_object->engagement->count)) {
+    $count = formatNumberAbbreviation($result->og_object->engagement->count);
   return $count;

After patching social share counter was back and counting. Hope it helps


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