How to Sell a Car in Riga / Latvia

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We bought a used Mercedes Benz ML 400 Diesel car in Riga a few months ago. We hoped the car would suit us for the years to come, but in the end, the vehicle was faulty even before we bought it. So the car died (or almost died) - with the problem being - a timing belt, which needed to be replaced.

I asked to a few handymen how much it could cost, and understood that I'm not willing to take the extra burden on this already old car, so we decided to list it on the local website. After talking with several handymen I decided to list it for EUR 1,800 just to test the waters.

In my advert, I was honest and said, that the car needs its timing belt to be replaced while all the rest seems good. Apparently, the regular car buyers were left out and I was left alone with fixer-up guys. 

Mercedes BENZ ML400 for sale

After my initial listing, I got 2 offers - one guy was offering EUR 800, while the second was EUR 600. I replied to the first one that I'm ready to sell for EUR 1,000 if he will take it today, and to the second I replied I'm ok with EUR 1,200.

Both didn't agree on my terms. And I decided to wait for a few more days, before adjusting my advertisement and listing the car for EUR 1,499 next week.

Luckily I didn't have to adjust my advertisement as I got an offer for selling this car for EUR 1,500 and I agreed. Sold. SOLD. SOLD!