How to send international fax to USA using Faxapp

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Think fax is outdated? Think twice, fax is still popular in certain business areas, and fax is kind of popular in the United States. I believe the last time I have seen an actual fax machine in work was back in 1994. Now 24 years later at one stage I thought, it would be good if I would have a fax machine in 2018.

I had to send a fax confirming my identity to the Microsoft Corp. Keep reading to learn how to send an international fax without having a fax machine.

Turns out, there are several online apps allowing to send a fax from the web, after a quick research I decided to give it a try for Faxapp.


Send faxes without a landline to a "classic" fax machine. You’ll get your own local fax number. 
No software required, but available.

All received faxes are swiftly delivered to your email inbox.

Ten-day trial

  • Send and receive faxes for free
  • Cancelled automatically
  • No credit card required

It took me some 5 minutes to open an account at faxapp, and the next thing was just to send international fax to the United States

Faxapp dashboard

Faxapp dashboard

In total it took me 3 attempts to successfully deliver fax to the US, for first two failed attempts I received an explanatory e-mail, the first time it was said - fax machine is not turned on, second time probably fax machine has run out of the ink, and third time - success.

Fax receipt: Error

Fax receipt: Error

Now, I didn't spend a dime for sending this fax in a trial mode, and after a couple of days, I received an answer from MS corp, which means faxapp is working and actually sending faxes.

I doubt I will need to use fax ever again, but as they say, you never know - and if, then faxapp is the way to go.