How to send OneSignal RSS Push Notifications Using Zapier

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I've been using OneSignal to collect web push subscribers for my blog, since November 2016, by now I can brag with more than 12,000 web push subscribers for this blog. As I keep writing on many topics, I don't find it a good idea of sending RSS notification for each new article.

How To Setup Web Push Notifications For Drupal 8 (Or Any Other Site) Using OneSignal

Actually this is the thing I'm missing on OneSignal, a better segmentation. By now I keep sending web push notifications manually - once or twice per month.

Recently I started to develop another website, selling tour packages in Georgia (, and I did find it a good idea to collect web push subscribers there as well. Since has better user segmentation than my personal blog, and posts aren't published everyday, but about 5-10 times per month - an automated solution like RSS to web push subscribers seems an ideal option.

Unfortunately there is no support of setting up RSS to push subscribers directly on OneSignal, yet, though there is a great and free service Zapier, making the missing connection and allowing to setup RSS to OneSignal.

That, kind of, reminds me good old days, when I was using Twitterfeed to sync my social media accounts from RSS feed, unfortunately Twitterfeed has been shut down, but again a new service, called emerged and replaced it.

If you are familiar with syncing RSS to social media accounts, settings up Zapier RSS to OneSignal will be a piece of cake for you. Follow this simple tutorial to get it done:

Send OneSignal push notifications for new RSS items

Let' s keep thing automated :)