How To Setup Port Forwarding for TP-Link Wireless Router (Radmin)

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In today's article, I'll share quite an easy tutorial on how to configure TP-Link Wireless N Router WR840N for a LAN to allow connections from the internet using Radmin software.

For the ease of this article, I will not cover in depths details how to configure Radmin, for that follow official guidelines (or leave a question in comment form). Today we are talking about port forwarding in router setup and firewall settings for Windows 10. Despite I'm providing details for TP-Link Wireless N Router WR840N, the further written should apply for the most routers.

Port forwarding / Virtual Server

Visit your routers admin dashboard, for TP-Link routers, log in with username and password (if default, then admin: admin)

Locate Virtual server, under Forwarding

Port forwarding on TP-Link Wireless router

Port forwarding on TP-Link Wireless router

Click on Add New:

Virtual Server

Virtual Server

By default Radmin is using port 4889, if you are OK with that, enter 4889 in Service Port field, IP Address, enter your Static IP, leave the rest to default. Click Save.

Now, if you are going to use Radmin for more than just one PC, you should add and configure each new server with the different and unique port. For example PC - 1 port 4889, PC-2 port 4890, PC-3 port 4891 and so on

Configure Firewall for Windows 10

Now, you should add an exception to Firewall, for Windows 10, open Control Panel -> System and Security - > Windows Firewall

From the left pane choose Advanced settings

Click on Inbound Rules and New inbound rule

Inbound rule wizard

Inbound rule wizard

Choose Port, click on Next

Enter port number, for Radmin default - 4889

Allow connection

Leave defaults for the next window

Name: Give it a name, for example, Radmin

You are done.

Now test your settings, if everything done right, you should be able to connect with Radmin over LAN. If you encounter any issues, leave me a comment.