How To Stitch Panoramic Photos with Adobe Photoshop (Photomerge)

I have wanted to write about panoramic photography technique I have been using for a very long time already, today finally I decided to put my knowledge on paper (blog).

Panoramic photos are cool and easy way to fake a wide angle lens, you don't have to own fancy DSLR camera and super wide angle lens to fit more into frame. For today's tutorial I'm using my Canon Rebel T5 DSLR camera with kit 18mm-55mm lens. I'm always trying to shoot at widest (18mm) to fit more details in frame. 

Tools you will need: A camera, Adobe Photoshop

Let's start with basic photography:

Single landscape photo

Single landscape photo (f11, ISO 100, 18mm)

Yup, that's my backyard. I trim grass here a lot. For shooting this photography I'm using a tripod from low angle (close to ground). Thus, in daylight you don't need to use a tripod mandatory, but it still helps.

Next, I change my camera on tripod head to portrait mode and shoot 6 separate images (manual focus), rotating tripod head for about 10-15 degrees after each shot. then I will use Adobe Photoshop to stick those 6 images together and will make following panoramic image:

Panoramic photo

Panoramic photo

The same scene, the same shooting angle, the same focal length (18mm) just there are framed more details (boxes and wall of house). The same scene, just wider. 

For post-processing images I'm using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. At first I load all portrait images in Lightroom library, then I export them as .PSD files, Open Adobe Photoshop -> File -> Automate ->Photomerge, browse for .psd files you just created. I often use either circular of perspective mode for blending my images. Leave it for Potoshop to handle the task, and once it is ready save as .tiff file. Now open that .tiff file in Ligtroom, crop, apply some basic editing and you are done.

Hope it helps.