How To Unsubscribe From Web Push Notifications

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In case you are reading this - most probably I have just sent you a link here. In this article I will explain how to unsubscribe from notifications sent by or (hopefully) from another website sending you push notifications. 

Why are you receiving push notifications from me or any other website? Chances are by 99.9% you have chose opt-in to receive them by visiting and reading some of the articles here or on the other site you are willing to unsubscribe.

Web push notifications are relatively new marketing channel, promising for marketers higher open rates than traditional e-mail newsletters - thus making some confusions. And one of the biggest most probably is how to unsubscribe from them. Here is how:

Unsubscribe from Chrome

Let's say you signed up for notifications on You thought I might send you notifications related to your interests, I made it wrong - sent some unrelated notification and you determined it's time to get rid of those spammy messages. I hear you, seriously  - I was wrong and you were right.

To unsubscribe from Chrome notifications open chrome://settings/content/notifications in Chrome browser (Alternatively from Chrome toogle menu select Settings -> scroll down until Advanced settings, look for Content Settings tab and finally click on Notifications tab), you should see all your subscriptions here, locate and click on the block or remove button:

Blocking web push notifications

Blocking web push notifications

This will remove subscription entirely.