How To update SPL Token Metadata

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It has been recently since I minted the first 10,000 tokens for TerraM coin on the Solana network.

The launch has been very successful and the token is growing, so far we have been able to list it already on the Raydium pool, also tried to list it on CoinGeckom but due to the lack of trading activity got rejected so far. No regrets here, as the token is growing and eventually we will get there.

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Besides that, TerraM token asks for some upkeeping work, for example, when minting the TerraM coin I didn't pay much attention to the ico style image, I uploaded for the ico, I just used some randomly generated ico from online ico generators.

Now, once the coin started growing I was not quite happy with the visual presentation and decided it would be good to update the custom image and also change the coin name.

So far I have found two working solutions (services) to update the SPL token:


Updating from the Google Chrome browser is quite easy, make sure your SOL wallet is connected (I use Phantom), copy the mint address and you are good. These solutions will help to update SPL token image and Token name.

After updates, and the rest of the services picked up the updated info almost instantly. I'm still facing issue to show actual coin price inside Phantom wallet, but it seems to solve this issue, the coin have to be listed on CoinGecko.

Interested to learn more about the token? Visit the official TerraM token page