I Will Miss This Tbilisi Wall

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I have observed this wall for the last three years (with short interruptions, when on longer travels) from our Tbilisi balcony. Probably, right at this wallI started to improve my photographer skills when about two years ago I reported first time lapse - Brick Wall turning green.

Looking on this wall I have spent countless hours by zooming, experimenting with f stops, changing lenses and so on, making many photographs for my 365 days photo challenge project. The following picture is how I will  remember you, my dearest wall, for next couple of months, until I will return back to Tbilisi to our lovely apartment, probably I will visit you even sooner, who knows, right now I', spending my days in another interesting walls and roofs project, see  Home Remodeling - Season 2 starts now

Tbilisi wall

Tbilisi wall

See you soon Tbilisi and Georgia.