Kalvene Railway Station

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Kalvene Station is a railway station on the Jelgava – Liepāja Railway.

The station is located in the Kalvenes municipality of the Aizpute district in Latvia. I noticed this railway couple of years ago and was amazed by its impressive heights visible from the road. 

Kalvene Railway Station September 2018

Kalvene Railway Station September 2018

Kalvene Station was opened on September 25, 1929, along with the opening of the railway line Jelgava-Liepaja . The modern type building was built in 1932. Until 2001, the diesel train Riga-Liepaja stopped here. After the cancellation of this train, there is no passenger turnover at the station. The station operates as an intermediate station, it changes the train.

Diesel passenger trains have not been in service since August 15, 2001

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