KidZania London

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KidZania London is a unique learning and entertainment experience filled with ultra-realistic role-play activities designed to mirror real-world careers. Their unique blend of education and entertainment aims to boost confidence, and independence and empower children to make a difference early on in life.

KidZania London is located at the Westfield London shopping mall (Ariel Way Shepherds Bush LONDON W12 7GF).

Westfield London shopping mall

It took us about 1-hour taxi drive by Botl from our hotel at White Chappel to reach this place at the start of August 2023. 

Join Kidzania to unleash your child's full potential in a world of hands-on discovery, learning and fun (and all without their phones or devices), and children aged 8+ are welcome to explore without an accompanying adult for that added sense of freedom and autonomy!

As our kiddo during our visit was 5 year old, one parent had to stay with her during the activities. Mom stayed, while daddy explored shopping mall.

Activities at KidZania London

Kids got involved into flying an airplane, paramdecis, police, banks, shops and even firefighters. 

About KidZania

We're a learning and education centre for children to explore their interests, develop essential skills and cultivate social responsibility in immersive activities that mirror the real world, such as being a doctor, firefighter or radio host. Each realistic experience is designed to challenge children’s decision-making skills, boost their practical learning and feel a real sense of achievement. 

Our mission extends beyond our scaled city in London. Not only will you find KidZania in almost 30 locations worldwide, we also encourage children to apply their learnings outside KidZania, becoming active global ‘CitiZens’ who contribute positively to their communities, believing in the right to ‘be, know, create, share, care and play’; values brought to life through our RightZKeepers.