Minimum wages in the Baltic states are the lowest ones in the European Union. In 2013 minimum wage in Baltic states was $427 in Estonia, $379 in Latvia and $385 in Lithuania.

Update: Minimum Wage Set to Rise in the Baltic States in 2018

Difference between "richest" Estonia and "poorest" Latvia in 2013, in terms of minimum wage, was = $48


Estonia has announced to increase its minimum wage by 35 EUR both in 2014 and 2015. In 2014 minimum wage in Estonia will be $474.

Latvia plans to increase its minimum wage to 320 EUR or $427 in 2014

I haven't found any evidence that Lithuania plans to increase its minimum wage in 2014.

In 2014, Lithuania will replace Latvia as "poorest" in terms of minimum wage, making difference with Estonia $89.

By forecasts - Estonia will reach minimum wage $500 mark already in 2015, so my predictions are that both in Latvia and Lithuania minimum wage will be increased as well.

Just by comparison, in relatively close Poland, the minimum wage in 2013 was $491 and is expected to reach $535 by 2014.

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