My Experience with Fundraising on LinkedIn: Part 1

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As the CEO and Founder of Terramatris, a crypto hedge fund, I've always been keen on leveraging social media to share updates and engage with potential investors. Over the past few months, I've been actively posting updates about Terramatris on LinkedIn. 

To my pleasant surprise, my followership has started to grow, reaching a little more than 200 followers. With this growing audience, I decided it was time to reach out to my connections and explore potential fundraising opportunities for our fund.

I crafted a simple yet compelling letter with the help of ChatGPT. In this letter, I highlighted our impressive performance, boasting a 540% Year-To-Date (YTD) growth. The message was clear and straightforward: Is there a way we could grow together?

The Outreach

Over the last two weeks, I embarked on a series of Google Meet calls with some of my LinkedIn acquaintances. My goal was twofold: to learn more about their businesses and to raise funds for our quantum fund. The experience was nothing short of fascinating. I interacted with a diverse group of individuals, including French inventors, Spanish anarchists, Russian capitalists, and even Indian quant traders. Each conversation was unique and offered valuable insights into different business cultures and investment perspectives.

Diverse Interactions

One particularly memorable interaction was with an American entrepreneur who tried to seal the deal during our call, seeking $100k from me. This unexpected turn of events highlighted the unpredictable nature of networking and fundraising.

Despite not raising any funds at this stage, the networking experience has been incredibly enriching. Engaging with such a diverse group of professionals has broadened my understanding of the global investment landscape and opened doors to future opportunities.

Although my initial outreach did not result in immediate funding, the experience has been a rewarding journey of learning and connection. I've gained invaluable insights into different business practices and established connections that could prove beneficial in the future.

Looking Ahead

Fundraising is rarely a linear path, and patience and persistence are key. I plan to repeat this outreach strategy in a few months, armed with the lessons learned and the new connections made during this initial phase. My aim is to continue building relationships and eventually secure the funding needed to propel Terramatris to new heights.

In conclusion, while the immediate goal of raising funds was not achieved, the process of networking and engaging with a diverse group of professionals has been an enriching and enjoyable experience. I look forward to the next phase of this journey and am optimistic about the future prospects for Terramatris.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I'll delve deeper into the specific strategies and insights gained from my interactions with these international professionals.

By sharing this journey, I hope to inspire others in similar positions to leverage LinkedIn and other social media platforms for networking and fundraising. The key takeaway is that even if immediate goals are not met, the process itself can be highly rewarding and pave the way for future success.