New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam is a TV series made on 2008, and lasted just for 8 series.  

Why I found these series interesting? Producers has tried to make something very interesting. As you may already know - New York city once was New Amsterdam and was found by Dutch colonists, well of course there lived Native Americans, before Dutches came.

And that is showed in New Amsterdam series - main role actor - John Amsterdam, a New York homicide detective, who is immortal, and has born back there in 1600-ies.

Probably you will recognize Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from another series - Game of Thrones.

About New Amsterdam:

A Dutch soldier in the 1600's saves the life of a native woman and is granted the power of eternal youth in return. In the 2000's he is a police detective in New York City, and after 400 years, knows just about everything about the way the criminal mind works.

By the way - it's sad that show was cancelled so soon.