Notes from Tbilisi - Gym, BitcoinGeorgia.Ge, Georgian for Expats and Bitcoin dips under $32,000

Wow, what a day it was today - stock futures were opening lower, quite lower, Dow Jones index was failing more than 400 points, extending the stock market bleeding for some sixth or seventh week in a row.

I was holding several long bitcoin positions on Deribit with strike prices above $40,000, and the losses just kept accelerating, to keep my positions above the water I bought more bitcoin and deposited them on Deribit. 

Bitcoin is not for all. Bitcoin futures, definitely are for a few select ones.

Went to the Champions academy for some cardio and dumbell workout. Later worked on my latest brainchild - (more on that in some of the other blog posts.

In the evening we had our second lesson for Georgian for expats, this time Gvantsa took us shopping to the AgroHub and we had a chance to practice our Georgian. 

The rest of the evening I spent gazing a the bitcoin charts, praying it doesn't fall under $30,000 tonight

What a day!