Organique Josper Bar - Tbilisi Restaurant Review

Welcome to another Tbilisi Restaurant review post series - today I will speak about Organique Josper Bar/restaurant/steakhouse, located in Tbilisi Old Town. 

I have previously much heard of this bar/restaurant/steakhouse and have seen plenty of it's ads on local English language newspapers (Georgian Journal, if correct), but never had visited it before.

My (our) visit to Josper bar went pretty spontaneous, as it might happen in Georgia, we were cut of electricity, and during days like that, we prefer to take our laptops and head to some restaurant with a good internet connection.

So we headed to Tbilisi Old town (Shardeni), and actually spent few hours in another Tbilisi restaurant - Jazzve coffee, after enjoying a delicious tea at Jazzve, we were looking for some lunch offer (Jazzve might have something, but I had a demand - I would either have - carbonara or grilled meat, though I didn't find such offer at Jazzve ,somehow we find that Josper bar has some lunch offers.

Turned out it does - they had, exactly what I was looking for - Carbonara.

As usual for taking photographs I'm using my Samsung phone and using Instagram (then taking them from Instagram and adding to posts - you can read a blog post on how I turned my Instagram account into a photo blog 

Josper Bar for meat lovers

Josper's bar outdoor terrace

Inside interior at Josper Organique bar

Lunch menu for 15GEL at Josper's Bar

Italian lunch - salad Caesar with chicken and pasta carbonara

Ukrainian lunch

Mega Cappuccino at Josper's Bar

100% Georgian Beef

Cat at Josper's

In total we paid GEL 50 ($25.00/EUR 22.00) for two lunch menus (Italian and Ukrainian (15GEL each)), some sodas and mega cappuccinos. 

Personal at Josper Organique bar is friendly  - food quality is good - I definitely will come back to this place more, and i can recommend Josper bar  to you as well.

About Organique Josper bar

We believe that the best taste is natural. That is why we use only organic Georgian products.

We believe that the healthiest way to cook meal is to bake it. That is why we cook in specially designed grill Josper that allows to keep all the best of the product with it.

We believe that Georgian bio wines are worth trying again and again. That is why we use enomatic wine dispenser that serves 16 kinds of wine by the glass.

We believe that a good meal always ends with a good talk. That is why our stuff does everything for you comfort. 

We believe that you deserve the best.

Official website: