Orio Center Shopping Mall in Bergamo

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Located next to the Bergamo airport, Orio center is one of the largest shopping centers in Italy.

We visited this shopping mall in mid-November 2019, a day before departing back to Tbilisi from the Bergamo airport.

Arrived here from Hotel 'Castello Visconteo' in Cassano dʼAdda, Italy in the late evening, some 2 hours before the mall was closing. Bought some goodies and ate at KFC

Orio Center in Bergamo

Orio Center in Bergamo

In front of the Orio al Serio international airport you can find one of the largest shopping centers in Italy, the Oriocenter.  With over 200 stores distributed on 2 floors, you can find everything you’re looking for in this mall.  You can spend an entire day window shopping or walking through the numerous food stops like ice-cream parlors, delicatessens, cafes.

In addition to clothes and accessories, you can visit the Apple store to see the latest in technology, or stop at the Lego store and its thousands of small colored bricks. You can see the many events organized in the Mall, with the presence of famous people such as singers, actors and TV celebrities and maybe take a selfie with your favorite star!

Oriocenter will soon also feature a cineplex and a food court to taste all the best food specialties.  Something you cannot miss!

Oriocenter is located in front of the Orio al Serio airport and can be reached thanks to an underpass indicated directly from the airport.

45.6644903, 9.6813034