Palios Mylos Restaurant Review near Argiroupoli Springs, Crete

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Ahh, I love these lovely roadside cafeterias which are hard to locate, after visiting and leaving, on the map. This time I was lucky enough and turned out I had pictured the name of this place in Greek. A bit patience and usage of Greek language transliteration and here you go - found both the name and location of this place, meet Palios Mylos Restaurant near Argiroupoli Springs, Crete.

Visited back in June 2017. Now it's hard to recall exact our route back then, but most probably we arrived here somewhere from Triopetra area. 

The restaurant is located next to the Argiroupoli Springs some 27 km southwest of Rethymnon on the slopes of the Psilotitis mountain with its many springs of crystal clear water and the remains of the ancient city of Lappas

Taverna Palios Mylos in Crete

Taverna Palios Mylos in Crete

Devil is in the details - thanks to this picture I was able to locate this place on map.

Seems than Palios Mylos translated into English means - Old Mill.

The restaurant "Old Mill" is located in the Sources of Argyroupoli, in Rethymno . We are waiting for you in an enchanting landscape, with plane trees and crystal clear waters running beside you. Try fine traditional dishes , made from Cretan products.

Garden Oven

Garden Oven

Some inspiration for our home remodeling works

Springs at Palios Mylos restaurant

Springs at Palios Mylos restaurant

Probably the reason we visited this area was that of the springs?! We didn't find them after all, but maybe we did?

The Bottom Line

At the time we visited this place it was super busy with tourists and the waiting for ordering a food was about an hour. We ordered just a cup of coffee and enjoyed amazing views. From the downsides, I should note - there are problems with parking. We parked our car on the street level some 500 meters from this place.


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