Laidi Village from a Drone flight

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Laidi is a village in Laidi parish, Kuldīga municipality. Laidi village is located some 28 km from the county center of Kuldiga and 167 km from Riga.

There is located a parish administration, primary school, library, doctorate, pharmacy, post office, shop, open-air stage.

Laidi village from a drone flight

Laidi village from a drone flight

The settlement was formed around the center of the former Laidi manor (Laiden) and Valtaiķi parish, and grew up in the post-war years as a village council and collective farm "Spartaks".

The buildings of Laidu manor (castle, manager's house, carriage-barn) and the park are architectural monuments of national significance

Laidi Manor

Laidi Manor

Built in the early 19th century by the local German nobility, it has housed the Laidi primary school since 1921.


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