My First Star Trail Photography

I have wanted to make star trail photography ever since I saw one. It took me some time to actually get out in the dark and capture one, as I knew it wont be so simple as it was with HDR photography. 

My equipment for this night's adventure - DSLR camera and a tripod. No remote control (not even a duct tape), I pressed shutter release button, after each 30 second long exposure, by hand this night.

It was fun experience, as I choose to shoot from our rural house nearby meadows - distant dog barks, frog noise from pond and a lot of stars. 

My first star trails - didn't had much clue what I'm actually doing here tonight... no remote, no duct tape, manual shutter release after each 30 sec exposure, a little bit light paint
... Adobe Photoshop Stack.... Will do better next time.

First attempt of star trails

It is a combination of 10 30 second long exposures, in one exposure I have used light paint to paint out birch. ISO 200 (I should most probably rise it a bit higher - 800 - 1600, but tonight I was not eager to go with higher ISO numbers)

Second attempt of star trail photography

Again 10 30 second long images combined in one.

Third attempt of star trail photography

Now this is a combination of 60 30 second long exposures.