Renting an Office in Tbilisi

Updated: 19 October, 2017 seen 1,080

Just google it - rent an office in Tbilisi, or office for rent in Tbilisi and you will be mesmerized with zillions of search results. In today's Living in Georgia article series, I will share my experience about renting an office space in Tbilisi.

In short - it is a pain in the ass. There is a lack of A-Class or B-class office space for rent in Tbilisi. And if there is something it will cost you a wealth. There are plenty of questionable quality office spaces. Sure, they could be cheap. 

Most of the visible office spaces in Tbilisi already is taken by small travel agencies, moving in and out on the monthly basis, I guess.

In normal circumstances, you would hire a real estate agent - but from my latest experience - you should be very lucky to find a decent one. (If you know someone, leave a comment).

In total, we dealt with a dozen of realtors, but at the end find office space to rent from the direct owner of the premises.

Online search for office in Tbilisi

For finding real estate I prefer to use On this website, there are many commercial rentals options, but most are listed from uninterested realtors (real estate agencies).

Other portals I could recommend and

Also, you could try local Facebook groups, search for Tbilisi rentals or something (As I'vent used, hard to tell)

Never give up on Google Search:

More than 400,000 Google search results for "Tbilisi Office Rent"

More than 400,000 Google search results for "Tbilisi Office Rent"

Offline search for Office in Tbilisi

This is the tactic which worked for us, after dealing with dozen of unprofessional realtors, we just went to the streets and searched for a "office for rent" sign. After some 3 days of searching, we finally got our office space.

About Office space price in Tbilisi

Now, this is another hard to understand topic. In general commercial space price in Tbilisi varies from $10 up to $45 per square meter. Yes, at one office building we were asked $45 per square meters. In general your target price should be around $12-20 per square meter. The lower the better (but not always). Also, check does price incudes or excludes VAT.

Internet for legal person in Tbilisi? Not so cheap after all - 100MB? Forget about it, only if you are not willing to spend 5000 GEL per month just for option to have a high-speed internet on your office. I was surprised about that.

Right now using 10Mb internet from Global One provider for 95GEL per month. If you are enjoying 30Mb internet at home for 30GEL, then it feels wrong having 3 times slower internet for three times higher price at work.

The Bottom Line

If you can, leave this valuable but frustrating process - finding an office space in Tbilisi, to the professionals. If you find one - please share details in the comments, readers and I would love to hear.

If pros are not an option - do your research on your own. Hard, but doable!