Restaurant Bellini is a Italian style restaurant located in spectacular German town of Andernach (some 20 km North from Koblenz). You can find my first impressions of this lovely town located on the banks of Rhine river here: Andernach - A Lovely German Town On The Banks Of Rhine

I must admit neither me, neither us we were looking for a Italian style restaurant here in Germany, it just turned out that you will find more Italian, Greek or Thai cuisine than a real German sauerkraut and a sausage while in Germany. In fact I like Italian cuisine very much, so let's get back to the subject - Restaurant Bellini in Andernach.

Large bottles at Restaurant Bellini

As usual in Germany you will find a garden dwarf or a garden dwarf cook here as well. Grappa or Jagermeister, sure they serve it here.

Menu at Restaurant Bellini

It's written in German, but it's not a problem to understand this German/Italian language. Although stuff members speaks only German. Friend of mine asked to the waiter - so are you a German or Italian? He replied neither. Turned out he was a nice Bulgarian guy speaking German. So if you speak Bulgarian you can try to order here in Bulgarian. Italian cuisine in Germany with Bulgarian speaking stuff members, neat right?

Bread served with garlic butter

Honestly speaking I was done already I ate this starter. It's so delicious.

Antipasti served at Restaurant Bellini

OK, I must admit I didn't know what is an antipasti prior of visiting this lovely ristorante Bellini in Andernach. Now I know. Unfortunately I messed up with my camera settings and didn't made any decent photo of antipasti. From Wikipedia: Antipasto (plural antipasti) means "before the meal" and is the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal. Traditional antipasto includes cured meats, olives, peperoncini, mushrooms, anchovies, artichoke hearts, various cheeses (such as provolone or mozzarella), pickled meats, and vegetables in oil or vinegar.

Plenty of sauces served here at Restaurant Bellini

Restaurant Bellini in Germany

Restaurant Bellini in Germany

The bottom line

Restaurant/ Ristorante Bellini is a lovely Italian style restaurant located in German town of Andernach, I would say it the heart of city. It serves a really tasty Italian cuisine here. We paid around EUR 54.00 for a few coffees, antipasti, some beer e.t.c. Not cheap, not expensive. Normal. Go try it for yourself and don't forget to leave me a comment! 

If you speak German, visit official website: to learn more.