Restaurant reviews

Since I'm living in the lovely Republic of Georgia in South Caucasus, you will find a lot of Tbilisi restaurants reviewed here. Alternatively, you should check out my food blogger posts on preparing food at home.

Restaurant Natakhtaris Veli


Restaurant Natakhtris Veli is located in the Natakhtari village, accessible when driving from Tbilisi via Mtskheta to Gudauri.  This place serves typical Georgian cuisine. Cozy atmosphere, fast service, friendly staff. Actually a pretty touristic place, but despite that, no rip off here.  Restaurant Natakhtaris Veli Located next to the Mtksheta- Gudauri highway. You can park your car in front of the restaurant. Meal at Restaurant Natakhtaris Veli

Restaurant Laivas


Dine in amazing ambiance on the banks of Lielupe river, in Jūrmala, Latvia.  We visited Restaurant Laivas for a brunch menu (if I remember correct EUR 18 per person) back in June 2018.  Now I have another great addition to Jūrmala restaurants list Interior at Laivas Restaurant in Jūrmala The brunch menu at Laivas Sweets at Laivas restaurant

Moxy Hotel Lobby Bar in Tbilisi


Moxy hotels lobby bar in Tbilisi serves delicious coffee latte and offers a really stylish interior. The one you could find in the fine NYC hotels or at least high-end hotels in Georgia.  Discovered by accident in January 2019  while walking with our almost 6-month old daughter. For me, it was something new to learn that Moxy is a brand by Marriott. If I were to travel to Tbilisi I might consider booking a hotel room here as well (despite it might be pricey, as paid for two lattes here almost…

Charlie Pizza, Mazeikiai


Charlie Pizza is a Lithuanian fast food chain located all across the country, serving pizza, salads, pasta and other freshly prepared dishes. It was in May 2018, when we visited the one located in the Mazaikai town.  Starter plate at Charlie Pizza in Mazeikiai, Lithuania Lithuanian Cepelinai served at Charlie Pizza Cepelinai or didžkukuliai (singular: cepelinas) is a popular dish in Lithuania. They are a type of dumpling made from grated and riced potatoes and usually stuffed with…

Degusto (Aghmashenebeli avenue 148-150)


Degusto is a popular diving chain in Tbilisi. The food here is sold by weight for very budget-friendly prices.  They have excellent sweets and really tasty cappuccinos served at Degusto. The one located on Aghmashenebeli avenue 148-150, Tbilisi is just next to the Champions Academy, and sometimes I visit it after the gym. The food court at Degusto  There are some cold and hot dishes available, from the cold dishes there are salads, while from the hot ones you can choose to have, sausages,…

Dzveli Duqani


Dzveli Duqani is a typical Georgian cuisine restaurant located next to  Didi Dighomi II  Micro District on Davit Aghmanashabeli avenue's 12th km (you can get here when driving from Tbilisi mall back to the city) Discovered by accident in January 2019, after returning from Mtskheta. Next, to the restaurant, there is a small parking space under the bridge.  Prices at Dzveli Duqani is considerably lower than those in the city center, but what's most important, food served here is really…

Cafe "Kāpenieki" in Aizpute


Cafe Kāpenieki has been one of my best finds in the Aizpute town in Western Latvia. Tasty, traditional Latvian cuisine for a very decent price.  The fun fact, at this place in May 2018 I opened my first online brokerage account and soon started to acquire European and the US stocks. Also, they sell tasty Kvass, which is manufactured by a company listed on Nasdaq Baltics (Gubernija). lol Traditional Latvian Cold soup The main course at cafe Kāpenieki in Aizpute Too big to fail, too large…

Chinese Restaurant Ensemble (Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi)


Chinese Restaurant Ensemble is located in a 5-star hotel "Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi" near the Tbilisi Sea in the so-called - Tbilisi Sea New City.  I got a recommendation to visit this restaurant from some other Tbilisi expats. So some Saturday afternoon in a company of the same expats we visited this place and I had a chance to try really authentic Chinese cuisine.   Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi building Here is what it's all about: For pure gourmets, the hotel…

Puzata Hata, Khreschatyk Street, Kyiv, Ukraine


Puzata Hata is a popular (and probably the largest) chain in Kiev - it serves traditional Ukrainian cuisine for a budget price. Puzata Hata was one of our favorite Kiev restaurant chains we visited during our latest trip to Kiev in August 2017. See: Kiev restaurants The Puzata Khata Restaurant Network opened its doors to the first visitors in 2003. Then it was the first restaurant in Bessarabka, in the center of Kiev.  Puzata Hata in Kiev Today, Puzata Hata is a network of modern…

Tutarchela Megrelian Restaurant in Tbilisi


Restaurant Tutarchela is located on Archil Mishveladze street 76, Tbilisi, just next to the Vake Park.  I was a bit surprised to learn that here is served Megrelian cuisine, and should admit that Megrelian cuisine is as great as Georgian According to the restaurant's FB page, there is served a wide selection of delicious Megrelian dishes, and for the preparation of all dishes, the restaurant uses natural products. Anyhow, here is what we got Elarji Now, this was something new for me - at…