Azerbaijani Restaurant Agha in Tbilisi

Azerbaijani cuisine restaurant Agha is located near Heroes square (access is from the Circus side) in Tbilisi. After a meal here - I'm already planing my next trip to the land of fire - Azerbaijan. At this restaurant I tried something new for me - Dushbara soup, piti soup and veal saji on Fire.

Lately I have tried a lot new non-Georgian cuisine places in Tbilisi, see Turkish restaurant KarabakChinese restaurant Dzin Chao or French Tartine Brasserie are just a few to name, now it was time for Azerbaijani cuisine. Thus this is not the first time I'm visiting Azerbaijani restaurant, I have tried Shirhan in Riga. But speaking of Shirhan, sorry - I cannot even compare you to this place. Restaurant Agha is out of any league (Perhaps just in Azerbaijan I will found something better)

Entrance doors at Restaurant Aga in Tbilisi

Before restaurant Aga moved in here, there was a Russian cuisine restaurant - Matreshka. The inside log house interior and menu with Matreshka logo's will remind you the history of this place.

Inside interior

As it is not rare here in Tbilisi and I have already been use to it - we were the only guests, so we had a special attitude and super high service. Thus this place serves Georgian and Ukrainian food as well (you can get khinkali or Kiev cutlet here as well) - we decided to stick with Azerbaijani cuisine. Since I had no idea what is so special there, we asked recommendations and here is what we got:

Azeri Dumpling Soup Dushbara

​Dushbara  is a traditional Azerbaijani dish of dumplings made of dough and filled with ground meat and condiments. It is also spelled düşbere or düşbere. Typical ingredients include flour, ground beef, onions, herbs, salt, black pepper and tomatoes.

Piti soup

The national soup of Azerbaijan made from pieces of mutton on the bone, cooked with vegetables in a broth; prepared and served in individual crocks.

Pride of the house: Veal saji

Veal saji

​This was just a masterpiece - the best hot meal I have tried like for the past five years - this assorti consisted of grilled vegetables, veal meat, mushroom, potatoes . .. and was served on plate with burning coal under... We couldn't finish this tasty super mega assorti I asked to pack it in container for takeaway. 

Tea drinking ritual

You must order black tea and sweeten it with sugar, when at such places. It is just an indescribable experience.

The bottom line

Our total bill here about 70 GEL, interior is really stylish and stuff is super friendly. You just should come to this place over and over.