Roof Works, Part 4 - Metal Roofing Arrives

Updated: 4 March, 2016 seen 203

I'm continuing one of the most epic my life experiences I agreed to do - Replacing roof for an old and very bad managed rural house. 

It was about one week since previous roof works were done, roof replacement works resumed on August 12, 2015. Prior to that my 30th birthday happened and I decided to leave all the home remodeling works behind and visit Tallinn. See 14 Tallinn Trip Ideas your your next travel to Estonian Capital

Make sure you check out previous parts on Roof Replacement works. 


Today the new metal roof I ordered some 3 weeks ago was meant to arrive, prior of actually installing the new metal roof, we had a very lot to do still - leveling beams, adding cross wind sheet and lathing. We had barely removed the old shingle roofing for just one side of the roof.

Roof works has resumed

We lost a chimney in Part 3, and one bearining beam - it took about half day to restore that beam from two smaller beams (the length of 7 meters)

Blue skies and a man on roof

A Super size cargo truck has just delivered the roof

By seeing such a Huge truck car I thought all of it's cargo is loaded with our new metal roof. 

I was wrong:

Unloading metal roof from the cargo truck

That was it - that thin object in the air (weighting about 2 tones) was all our metal roof - a total of 26 layers, each 7 meters long. The huge stack you can see in the background is our old shingle roof (actually just half of it) - it's just wonderful how technology have evolved in the last 100 years.

Lathing over cross wind sheet

It will take some more additional days and weeks, before the roofing works will be complete. Make sure you bookmark by blog and come back often to see the final result.