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Right, I actually wanted to write a short review about restaurant Karpyne located in the middle of country, but finding a translation of this place (Kaimo Turizmo Sodyba Karpyne) and browsing trough my cameras viewfinder I did find this is actually a very cool rural tourism site in Lithuania, as it offers not only restaurant, but also, lodging, fishing, there is even a separate brewery at this huge complex.

Karpyne complex is located near village Gabsiai (next to the Kaunas - Klaipeda highway), Raseiniai municipality, Kaundas county, Lithuana. We discovered this place by chance driving to Kaunas. It was lunch time and we decided to stop here.

Fishing lakes at Karpyne complex in Lithuania

Fishing lakes at Karpyne complex in Lithuania

Following info I found about fishing opportunities here:

Homestead  Karpynė always welcomes fishermen looking for opportunities not only to catch a big catch, but also to spend a good time, get a break from the bustle of the city and enjoy fishing in one of the three existing our ponds.
In our homestead ponds guest can catch carps, pikes, bream and other fish. If you get lucky, you could easily lure up to 18 kg weighing fish. Homestead ponds are constantly added with different sizes of fish.

Restaurant Karpyne

Restaurant Karpyne

It is said that:

Restaurant Karpyne features exclusive interior, very spacious, can fit up to 400 guests. Special attention is given to the chef’s created fish and other dishes. Here, even the fussiest guest will be pleased.

I would say - a normal log house interior with good menu.

Noodles at Karpyne

Noodles at Karpyne

A bit expensive (about EUR 7) - but pretty tasty. 

The Bottom Line: 

I believe to really make some verdict about Karpyne, some should spend more time he, as we did (just eating lunch). But in short - cool place - give it a try!

Karpynės 2 60192 Gabšiai Lithuania
Coordinates: 55.340360 23.097381

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