Russia in Miniature (2014): The Amazing Miniature Replica of the World's Largest Country

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Russia Today has gifted us with an awe-inspiring documentary called "Russia in Miniature," which showcases a miniature replica of the largest country in the world, built on an exhibition hall in scale 1:87. This project is a result of breathtaking work by a team of designers and engineers who have painstakingly built intricate and lifelike details of the various regions of Russia.

If you are a fan of railway models like myself, you will be thrilled to see the Transsiberian express leaving Moscow and heading to Vladivostok in just 15 minutes on this incredible model. It's a true masterpiece that has been created with utmost precision and attention to detail.

Despite being called "Little Russia," the model covers an impressive 800 square meters and portrays the entirety of the country with incredible accuracy. The documentary takes us on a fascinating journey to see this miniature world and to hear the incredible story of its creation.

In short, "Russia in Miniature" is a must-watch for anyone interested in model-making, engineering, or simply the beauty of Russia itself. It's an amazing feat of art and technology, and you won't be disappointed by the stunning details and realism captured in this project.

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