Taglaura Restaurant on Tbilisi-Kojori street road

Updated: 2 February, 2022 seen 308

Taglaura is one of the most successful restaurant chains in Georgia owned by VD Capital group, the same group owns several other popular restaurant brands in Tbilisi and Georgia. 

The one I will talk about today is located on Tbilisi - Kojori street 10, and the best way to get here is by driving to Kojori. The same road from the downtown Tbilisi will take you to the Mtatsminda Amusement park

Now, this place serves typical Georgian cuisine in a bit tourist way. And seems they are manufacturing their own Georgian lemonade under Taglaura brand.

Georgian lemonade Taglaura

Georgian lemonade Taglaura

I can even read - on the left side it's written - "limoni" and the one with grapes on labeling it's said - "saperavi". Make sure to give them a try. Georgian lemonades are fantastic.

Schnitzel served with French fries

Schnitzel served with French fries

Now, this was one great schnitzel, almost as good as you can get in places like this.

The best, the schnitzel with French fries cost just GEL 11 (as of 2019)

Fried khinkali with soy sauce

Fried khinkali with soy sauce

They call them Asian style. Fried khinkali are really delicious. if you haven't tried yet - highly recommend!

At Taglaura's you have an opportunity to enjoy locally brewed beer,  bottled lemonade made out of fresh local fruits, bread baked in traditional tandoor, Kakhetian wine and many tasty Georgian  and not only Georgian samples of culinary.

The Bottom Line

Really good place. Our bill here ~ under GEL 50 for three of us :)


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