aerial photography

Rike Park from a DJI Mavic Mini Drone Flight


Rike park is a popular recreational area located in Tbilisi. We have been heading here ever since it was opened to public back in 2012.  Park is great for photography, a lot of interesting architectural elements. It was at the end of July 2020. I got DJI Mavic mini shipped to Tbilisi and it was agreed to go and test it out at the Rike park.  Air balloon over Rike Park in Tbilisi There is a cable car station connecting Rike park with Narikala fortress Rike park from above A little…

Aerial photos from rooftop


Today we continued covering roof with metal plates, in a short break I took my DSRL camera a top on the roof and made some aerial photos. You won't get here views as nice as you could get from Tbilisi or Batumi aerial trams, but taking into consideration that we are speaking of an old rural house - these views are as much great. Roof masters a top on the roof (Edgars and Guntars) Aerial view to our veggie garden Few months ago we planted some goodies in the wooden boxes - and look what…