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Amazon Alexa Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker Review

September 23, 2019
There are more than 50,000 user reviews about Alexa Echo Dot smart speaker on Amazon, and in this article, I wont be very original, but I will write another review from a point of view of a stock trader and a father of a little baby girl. I purchased our first Echo Dot smart speaker at the end of August...

Tourgeorgia.EU hits TOP 500k list

January 30, 2014
This morning checking Alexa stats I noticed that my beloved Tourgeorgia.EU has reached Top 500k list in Alexa rank. If precise then this site ranks 484,018. In country Georgia, site ranks 119.You may have noticed, that I have started monitor Alexa traffic ratings this year, and as well I have expressed my doubts of...

Tourgeorgia.EU hits TOP million list

January 12, 2014
Wow!! Just wow! It took les than 10 days, to rank in TOP million visited sites, according to What's next? Well, how cool it may sound to be in TOP million, it's not the most precise data to rely on. But keeping up, and moving to TOP 500 000 - may be next priority. As you...

My blog ranks 823 in Georgia according to Alexa

January 05, 2014
Yesterday I shared my joy - how Tourgeorgia.EU ranks 664 in Georgia. Today to my surprise I found that my personal blog in Georgia ranks 823 and Globally 2.017.516Well, taking in consideration fact that last month my blog made modest 74 unique visitors, it hard to believe, that it's enough to rank high in Alexa rank....

Tourgeorgia.EU ranks 664 in Georgia

January 04, 2014
This year has started surprisingly great - today I found that Tourgeorgia.EU ranks NR 664 in Georgia, and 1.665.625 globallySome time ago, I posted that I'm willing to see Tourgeorgia.EU in raiting in top 1000 list. For few days we are making at top 400. See how Tourgeorgia.EU ranks in Alexa hereJust 2...

Most visited Georgian sites

December 11, 2013
After living in Georgia for almost 2 and a half years I still haven't found any reliable traffic analyzer, except Alexa and local statistics. Today I'll try to put both of them in one pot, and make some analysis. According to Alexa: Rank Name Alexa rank 1