How To Fix Drupal AMP Error with Google Analytics

20 December, 2022 seen 47
AMP for Drupal is a really powerful module, that can give your Drupal-powered website an impressive website traffic boost. But it will only work if there are no AMP-related issues - like Custom Javascript error from the Google Analytics…

SEO Results After Implementing Drupal AMP

23 August, 2017 seen 152
About a month ago I finally managed to implement AMP for my Drupal powered blog. Now, a month latter I decided to take a look and see is there any SEO boost from it. In the past 30 days traffic have grown my 13%, for the first time…

Launching Simple AMP Version for Drupal Website

20 July, 2017 seen 403
I might be late to the party of implementing AMP for my Drupal powered website, as AMP have been around for a while already, it was just tonight I finally managed to implement and validate AMP for this blog. In this article I'll share some…