Apple MacBook AIR

Top 10 Best Selling Apple Macbooks

September 16, 2019
Apple MacBook is quite popular in the US, in fact, more than 10% from Amazon's best selling laptops are MacBook's Most of the Apple MacBook's come in 11.6, 13.3 and15.6 inch screen size MacBook's are powered with Intel Core i5 and even with the latest Intel Core i9 processors. Apple offers MacBook, MacBook...

Top 15 Latest Laptop / Notebook Releases Q2 2015 on Amazon

May 04, 2015
Welcome to my second quarterly overview of top latest/ hottest laptop releases on Amazon. You can learn more about hot releases on Q1 here: Top 10 New Laptop Releases In 2015So what new in Q2? Apple has released 4 new laptops this season, meet the new models of Apple MacBook Pro and Appel MacBook AIR in this...

Laptop Deals On Amazon - 40% Off For Refurbished Computers

March 02, 2015
Buying a refurbished laptop is pretty normal and I would call a great opportunity to save money and even get an upgraded laptop.Around a year ago I bought refurbished HP laptop from Amazon, though I'm not using it on my everyday computing works, I'm using it as a backup laptop, I'm taking it with myself when I'm...