Barbecue Festival

Another Year, Another Barbeque

25 June, 2018 seen 80
It has been already a tradition to feature the first barbeque of the year at our rural country house in the blog. See First Barbecue Festival in Our Newly Inherited House 2018 is no exception, and it today's home remodeling series a few…

First Barbecue Festival in Our Newly Inherited House

22 October, 2015 seen 537
While there is a good reason to visit a barbecue festival in Armenia, in this post I will provide some details on the first barbecue festival (OK, it's actually a party) we held in our recently inherited country house, where some serious…

Barbecue Festival in Akhtala (Armenia)

1 October, 2015 seen 1,453
At the start of September 2015, we booked a one day tour to Armenia. This trip took us to Lori province in Armenia, which actually is pretty close to Georgian border. During this trip we had a stops at Haghpat monastery, Sanahin monastery…