bear market

Surviving Bear Market - Margin Call


I once read that an investor can call himself a pro after he/she has survived at least 3 bear markets. I just survived one. At least I hope so. In fact, from my short active investor's career, I feel this is already my second bear market, with first happening back in December 2018, March 2020 market was scared from Covid-19, Trump travel Ban for…

Entering Negative Value For Ethereum Investment - Crypto Bear Market 2018


The cryptocurrency bear market which has started in 2018, has finally hit my humble cryptocurrency portfolio and have vanished all the huge gains I made at the end of 2017. Ethereum (from my portfolio) has been hit the most.  Since the begging with 2018, I have lost about $3,000 virtual money - January and March have hit portfolio the most. It's…