Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia


The Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia is located in Pardaugava (Kandavas 2), just a 10-minute ride from the central part of Riga. The garden was founded in 1922. Over 15ha visitors can explore hothouses and outdoor collections with some…

Hryshko National Botanical Garden in Kiev


Turns out there are at least two botanical gardens in Kiev. In today's article, I will write and provide photographs from Hryshko National Botanical Garden taken back in Summer 2017. Apparently, we got here by a taxi from our hotel (Hotel Ukraine…

Batumi Botanical Garden


Batumi Botanical Garden is a must have to visit tourism attraction site when in Batumi. Botanical Garden is actually located at the place called Mtsvane Kontskhi ("The Green Cape") in distance of some 10 km from Batumi city on the Black Sea shore,…