Cretan Cusine

Taverna Plateia in Mirthios, Crete


Ok, this is just another roadside cafeteria, discovered by accident - meet Taverna Plateia in the village of Mirthios, on the island of Crete. At least I believe it is located in Mirthios village, as we did our trip to Crete back in June 2017, now browsing through the huge photo archive at Adobe Lightroom, I might be wrong. Though it's worth to…

Thanasis - Cretan Taverna in Stavros


Thanasis is a typical Cretan taverna located in the town of Stavros. We visited this place during our stay at Kavos beach apartment in June 2017. Friendly staff, amazing food, affordable prices and amazing sunset views. Outdoor deck at Thanasis taverna While waiting for our Cretan cuisine to be served made some HDR sunset photography here…

One of The Best Traditional Cretan Restaurants - Gramvousa in Kaliviani


There is another clear winner in my top restaurant list - Gramvousa Restaurant in the small Cretan village Kaliviani. Discovered by the accident, during our travels in Crete at the start of June 2017. We headed here after failed attempt to reach Balos beach in the nearby vicinity, see: Discoveries in Crete - Rough Road To Balos Beach Right now…