Crypto Hedge Fund

TerraMatris Crypto Hedge Fund Portfolio Value reaches $599.81 in January 2024


Terramatris is a private crypto investment hedge fund started on August, 2023, by me. The fund is privately held and is not publicly registered under any specific jurisdiction. Though, most of the time operated from Tbilisi, Georgia. In this article…

How To Obtain Crypto License in Georgia


For almost one year I've been working on developing a Terramatrics crypto hedge fund. While developing the fund I have organically connected to like-minded individuals, investors, enthusiasts, and more. The other morning I had about two-hour very…

TerraM Crypto Hedge Fund Portfolio February 2023


On December 2022, we minted 10,000 TerraM coins on the Solana network with an aim to raise $10,000 capital for options trades on Ethereum via the Deribit trading platform. We are struggling of raising the capital, with myself still being the…