Curonian Spit

Short Day Trip to Lithuania (Curonian Spit)

11 June, 2016 seen 288
At start of May 2016, we went on a short two day trip to Lithuania, we had no goal or destination planned. Just a spontaneous trip idea. Unfortunetly our car broke somewhere in middle of nowhere (Barta- Rucava road) and we had to stay…

Smiltynė Ferry Terminal (Klaipeda to Curonian Spit)

28 May, 2016 seen 2,229
Klaipėda city is separated from Curonian Spitby Curonian Lagoon. For connection of two shores across the Curonian Lagoon,  Smiltynė Ferry Terminal is operating. Taking a ferry from Klaipėda to Curonian Spit is always full of joy short…