Joseph Stalin Declassified

3 June, 2014 | 1,299 views

A History channel documentary on Joseph Stalin.In this documentary is pictured time how Stalin took the power after death of Lenin. About mass deportations and Stalins plans to conquer the west.Not very objective, but still enjoyable…

Pushing the limits - Brain power

23 April, 2014 | 773 views

Nice documentary about our brain power

Educating North Korea (2014) - Unlocking the Secrets of Elite University: A Panorama Documentary

29 March, 2014 | 1,077 views

The documentary "Educating North Korea" from British BBC Panorama sheds light on one of the world's most closed and oppressive societies. North Korea is ruled by the young and ruthless leader Kim Jong-un, who has threatened nuclear war…


11 February, 2014 | 1,165 views

One of the best documentaries I have recently seen - a humble scientist from Sweden explains many interesting facts, like how many child are born for woman in average, does Asia and Africa is overpopulated?  Scientist explains how…

A Journey through Latvia (2014)

25 November, 2013 | 859 views

Latvia, a small republic located in north-eastern Europe, has been the subject of a new documentary made by Deutsche Welle. The documentary crew visited Latvia more than a decade ago and has now returned to see how the country and its…

The Lost World of Communism, Documentary about East Germany (2013)

30 October, 2013 | 1,744 views

The recently released BBC documentary sheds light on the experiences of life in East Germany, providing a deeper understanding of the country's tumultuous past. The film focuses on the deportations of ethnic Germans to Siberia in the late…

China vs USA - empires at war

23 October, 2013 | 1,581 views

Find this documentary from 2007 in Youtube. In France 5 produced documentary authors speak of first confrontation of Chinese and American army in 1996 close to Taiwan.In 2007 year produced documentary it's told that China has advanced and…

Make Me a German

22 October, 2013 | 943 views

Entertaining documentary from BBC, where Brit journalist with his wife and kids moves to Germany, to see what is the averege life of German people. Journalist gets a job in German pencil factory, and needs to get up exactly at 06:23 AM.…

Putin, Russia and the West: "New Start"

21 October, 2013 | 982 views

Found this documentary on YouTube, and watched in Saturday evening. In this documentary is showed time when Dmitry Medvedev was president of Russia, and how Barack Obama decided to deal exactly with him, and not with Vladimir Putin.…