Joseph Stalin Declassified

June 03, 2014
A History channel documentary on Joseph Stalin.In this documentary is pictured time how Stalin took the power after death of Lenin. About mass deportations and Stalins plans to conquer the west.Not very objective, but still enjoyable documentary.

The Truth About Immigration in the UK

April 28, 2014
The Truth About Immigration in UK is a BBC documentary shot in 2014, investigating effects on Immigration in United Kingdom.In 2004, when European Union expanded by 10 more new countries, United Kingdom opened its door for new job seekers for Eastern Europeans. Was it a mistake?According to data from this...

Pushing the limits - Brain power

April 23, 2014
Nice documentary about our brain power

Educating North Korea

March 29, 2014
Educating North Korea is a documentary from British BBC Panorama. It's one of the most closed and repressive societies on earth. Its ruthless young leader Kim Jong-un has threatened nuclear war against America and recently executed his own uncle. Yet in the heart of North Korea's absolute dictatorship, a remarkable...

Russia in miniature

March 28, 2014
Russia in Miniature is an amazing documentary about modelling worlds largest country Russia in scale 1:87 and put it on exhibition hall, brought to us by Russia Today.Breathtaking work is done, by building all these small details. If you area railway module fan, as I am, you will enjoy Transsiberian express leaving...

How China fooled the world

March 27, 2014
This is really great documentary about China's economic rapid development in recent 30 years, in this documentary is told how China forced it's economy when Western countries had economic crisis. In this documentary is pictured a China's city Wuahan living on debt and building new skyscrapers everyday. Most of us...


February 11, 2014
One of the best documentaries I have recently seen - a humble scientist from Sweden explains many interesting facts, like how many child are born for woman in average, does Asia and Africa is overpopulated?  Scientist explains how medicine and education have provided longer life expectancy in countries like...

Albert Einstein: Equation of Life and Death

January 19, 2014
Documentary from History channel about life of Albert Einstein.Obstacles he faced to prove his science works. °One of the most interesting things I find in this documentary is about WW1. In time WW1 broke out - Einstein was working with American astrophysics to photograph Solar Eclipse in Crimea, Russia - it failed....

Transnistria - the western outpost of Russia

December 20, 2013
Kinda provocative documentary about Republic of Transnistria. About role of Russia to "stabilize" separatist region of Transnistria. Moldova un Romania.. Wouldn't call this a masterpiece, actually it's crappy propaganda, but if you are interesting about life in Transnistria, you should see this. This documentary is in...

Europe, What's Next? - A Journey to Estonia

November 27, 2013
Another documentary from Deutche Welle. Over a decade ago, we visited Estonia. We've come back to meet the same people and see how their lives have changed. The fisherwoman from the island of Saaremaa has opened a shop, and the former student has found a job in the university town of Tartu. But the power station...

A Journey through Latvia

November 25, 2013
Found this documentary on YouTube. Deutsche Welle visits Latvia in 2013, and compare with Latvia in 2000. About Latvia after joining EU in 2004. About mass immigration. Nice series from Deutsche Welle

The New India

November 21, 2013
The New India is yet another interesting documentary from BBC. Might be a few years old (2013), but still - for a person who never has been to India, very interesting :) In the film, it is told about how India is rising, and how it after one generation could reach 3d largest economy in the world. Top 10 Largest...

The Lost World of Communism - East Germany

October 30, 2013
The documentary brought by BBC shows the life of East Germany. About deportations of ethnic Germans to Siberia in late 1940-ties/ early 1950-ties. How East Germany watchdog Stasi controlled the lives of ordinary citizens.  The documentary features episodes of East Germany's cartoon Sandsman. A lot of...

Week #3 of blogging 365 days in a row

October 25, 2013
Third week of blogging 365 days in a row was quite a easy one, in total I wrote 15 posts, by 2 less than in previous week, but overall using future publish options, it was relatively easy task. To differ content I write, I started to write short reviews about documentaries I watch. Actually, since I watch...

China - Rebirth of an empire

October 24, 2013
Movie produced by independent producers about Rebirth of China as an Empire. About Chinas role in World economy.Interesting thaught is told at the beggining at the documentary - all hegamonies converted to Empires, and after then collapsed, like Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Japanese Empire, British Empire, Roman Empire...