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Drupal String Overrides For Comment form + Translated Month names


In yesterday's article How to hide Drupal comment Subject line and help text I talked about a simple and neat module Simplify, with help of whom I was able to get rid of confusing Subject line field and help area under Drupal comments. I was working with a Drupal for a non-English language website and had to translate some strings - of course I could go for Internationalization module, but since this site is just in one language - Internationalization might be too much - I didn't wanted to…

How to hide Drupal comment Subject line and help text


There are several ways of hiding Input format options for Drupal comments, the simplest (but the wrongest) way is by just hiding area with CSS (display:none), second -  you can use the hook_form_alter function to make changes to a form before it is rendered (See article: How to Theme the Comment Form in Drupal 7)  and third one is by using a simple module with simple name: Simplify. In this article you will find how to hide help area for Drupal comments using module Simplify. I must admit, I…