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Drupal 7 Rules: Send E-mail to User Referenced by NID After Saving Content

November 17, 2018
A time ago I started to work on a custom Drupal powered translation management system, unfortunately as I didn't have much spare time and actually there are really great alternatives (paid) out there - I decided to postpone this project. Despite the project wasn't actively developed, it was though running a...

How To Schedule Drupal Posts (Future Date And Time)

April 14, 2015
In this Drupal modules review post series  I will demonstrate how one (perhaps) you can schedule Drupal posts (nodes) by using a little and neat module: SchedulerDrupal out of box doesn't offer such functionality (Frankly speaking I would love to see that in Drupal core, because have seen this for WordPress CMS...

Drupal Rules - How To Configure Journalist and Editor roles to Unpublish/Publish Content

February 03, 2015
Working on a customers project, we faced a need to have many different Drupal user roles to have on site. I will speak about two of them today - Journalist and Editor.As you might understand already we are talking about a media portal, where there is a need to have a separate user account with different roles and...

Drupal Menu Badges + Views + Flags + Rules = Counting Messages

October 07, 2014
The Drupal project I'm currently working with get's complicated each and every day - so for a start I faced a problem to display dynamic content as menu items - i found a great not to say one of the greate findings this years in field of Drupal development - Drupal  Menu Views , then I faced a problem to display...