DrupalGap Native App - Part 2: Creating And Linking Custom Views Listing Page

February 11, 2016
I was working on my blog's native Drupal app, and decided to share my discoveries on how to create additional custom Views Json listing page and how to link it in  your apps menu. For the content on this page I decided to list all articles from my blog whose location are set to Georgia, and give it name -...

How to develop Native Drupal app using Drupalgap - Part 1: Custom Front Page Using views - Images and Date

February 11, 2016
There was a time when I was really eager to develop native Drupal app, back then I decided to stick with Drupalgap. Now, more than a year has already passed since, and I haven't achieved my goal (s) yet. Until recently, I decided to finish works on native Drupal app I started back in 2014. Speaking of my app...

Drupal App - How to Make a Native Android App Using DrupalGap

November 22, 2014
It has been a while since I decided to build mine first Android app powered by Drupal.Actually, I haven't built any other kind of app yet. But I have investigated few options though.My findings to the day is DrupalGap.orgI'm still investigating this tool, so for reference I will list information from drupalgap.org. In...